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Trends, Solutions and Latest Advancements in Pediatrics Health Care
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Pediatrics 2018

Welcome to Pediatrics 2018!

With immense pleasure and excitement, I am euphoric to invite you to attend/participate in “12th International Conference on Pediatrics Health Care”, which will be held during August 16-17, 2018 at Paris, France. 

The main objective of Pediatrics 2018 will be to review the new findings and  advancements in the field of Pediatric Health & Neonatal Care.

This event will be of special interest to any professional involved in pediatric healthcare domain, such as, pediatrician, pediatric nurse practitioner, manufacturers of pediatric drugs &  health care devices,  academicians, researcher, students, parents, clinical coordinators, scientist, pediatric intensivist and health care professionals of any disciplines.

Pediatrics Health Care conference gains special interest with every passing year in its particular goal to advance the health care knowledge and practice of pediatric medicine: related research and technology involved. It will provide a platform for multidisciplinary exchange of information to accelerate pediatric disorders and shed light on the significant scientific discoveries in all aspects of Pediatrics Health Care. Above all, it will be a meeting place to network and meet like minded people in the field of Pediatrics, Medicine, Health Care and Research. 

In addition to attending the Pediatrics 2018 conference, we invite you to experience the culturally rich atmosphere of Paris. The city offers visitors and locals a splendid miscellany of culture, sights and unique cuisine. You are invited to bring your valuable insights to the deliberations of the truly interdisciplinary conference that will have global
implications in the field of Pediatric Health Care. We look forward to welcoming you to Paris, France in the month of August 2018.                                                                                                          


Session on Pediatrics Care

Children represents the future. Their healthy growth and development should be a primary concern for everyone. Pediatric Health Care meets the need of sick and unhealthy child, infants and adolescents. Pediatric health mainly focuses on goodness and well-being of child from neonates through adolescence. Infants, neonates are especially helpless and children are vulnerable to malnutrition and irresistible illnesses, a large number of which can be successfully prevented or treated. 

Pediatric Critical Care concedes children from birth to adolescents with an extensive variety of conditions, who require serious care treatments or higher level of observation. Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU) and Pediatric High Dependency Unit (PHDU) provides care and services to critically ill children with life threatening medical and surgical conditions.

Neonatology is a hospital based sub-speciality connected with care of premature neonates and sick new-born to overcome the critical condition of the baby. The ideal look after both low and high hazard babies relies upon learning of the family history, the historical backdrop of earlier and current pregnancies and the occasions of labor and delivery. 

There are some noteworthy impacts that may bring about poor neonatal result like: poor maternal nourishment, neediness, physical or mental burdens, extremes of maternal age (<16 yrs., >35 yrs.), dark race, medicinal sicknesses exhibit earlier pregnancy, obstetric inconveniences amid the antepartum and intrapartum periods, and the acquired hereditary inclination to the baby.

Session on Pediatric Food & Pediatric Nutrition

Food and nutrition is one of the main factor that impact a child health & development. Eating certain food cannot guarantee that your child will be smarter. The benefits of good nutrition to health are endless. Better nourished children have an enhanced natural ability to fight infection. Age of the child will determine the consistency and amount of foods to be eaten.

Researcher has proven that, what your child consumes at, say, 5 months will affect their learning ability years later. For instance, breastfeeding appears to lead to higher IQ, while iron deficiency correlates with reduced cognition and achievement at school age.

Children with Pediatric Malnutrition needs special care and treatment. Malnutrition in children leads to overweight, obesity, poor growth, micro-nutrient deficiencies etc. According to UNICEF report, half of the children death under the age of 5 in Asia and Africa are because of under-nutrition and poverty.

Children don’t have the capableness to give proper histories in many instances, and their responses to pain or discomfort often precludes localization. Pediatric Emergency Medicine (PEM) is a field of medicine for the diagnosis of acute illness in children. They are the real deal, their symptoms are real and not seditious. PEM specialists deals with disorders such as neonatology, forensic pediatrics etc.

Vaccinating children against deadly diseases can possibly decrease the risk of sickness in both vaccinated and un-vaccinated people because of pivotal role that children play in the transmission of disease.
Childhood Influenza Vaccination: Children, specifically those under two years of age, and teenagers experiences a few of the most noteworthy rates of influenza. The negative impacts of influenza on both infected adolescent and their parent is significant. Influenza vaccination is recommended for children of age 6 months to 36 months in most European countries. It is previse that influenza vaccine market is near US$ 1 billion due to large target population and strong health care infrastructure.

Session on Pediatric Obesity

Childhood Obesity is growing at an alarming rate, which indicates the next generation will face chronic health complications leading to lifelong diseases and fatalities. Childhood Obesity occurs when the child or adolescent consumes more energy than he/she requires for growth and physical activity. There are other causes such as unhealthy eating habits or genetics.
The potential health complications for childhood obesity are anemia, liver problems, high cholesterol, asthma, sleep apnea, high blood pressure or diabetes etc. Most of the children with pediatric diabetes  have Type 1. Those kind of children has to depend on exogenous insulin for his whole life. Due to “inborn error of metabolism”, there is an increasing population of childhood diabetes, T2D. Maturity onset diabetes of the young (MODY) refers to any hereditary form caused by mutation in autosomal dominant gene which disrupts insulin production in children.

Childhood Cancer is the leading cause of death in children under 18 years of age. Cancer is actually a collection of diseases which affects the bones, muscle, blood, liver, kidney, brain, eyes etc. Children are diagnosed with many forms of cancer. Leukemia, brain tumors, solid tumors outside the CNS, lymphomas are some of the common childhood cancers. 1 in every 750 children alive today is a survivor of childhood cancer in France.

Pediatric cardiac problems are challenging. A child with pediatric cardiology needs exceptional care. Infants or toddlers who faces cardiac problems will show symptoms like poor color and swelling, typically in their face and in case of children, they may complain about irregular heartbeat, dizziness, shortness of breath and chest pain etc. 
Children’s mental health is as important as their physical health and deserves the same quality of support. 1 in 5 children show evidence of a diagnosable mental health problem. Pediatric psychiatry includes the treatment, diagnosis or prevention of mental disorders in children. It explores the biopsychosocial factors that impact the advancement and course of mental issues and treatment responses to different medications. Eg. Childhood Autism, Rett’s syndrome, Asperger’s syndrome.

It is common for a child or adolescent to experience breathing or lung problems because their bodies grow and develop. Pediatric Pulmonology deals with children’s respiratory health diseases such as, chronic cough, asthma, pneumonia, difficulty in breathing, cystic fibrosis, sleep disorders etc. Pediatric pulmonology involve in the service of intensive care of children, infants , young adults who need mechanical ventilation and life support.

Children are susceptible to discomfort caused by gas as their delicate digestive system develop and acquire to move gas through their digestive tracts ineffectively. Pediatric gastrointestinal problems are common in children. A broad range of congenital and acquired hepatobiliary disorders such as digestive, nutritional, and liver disorders in infants, children, young adults requires intensive care. The range of conditions including malabsorption syndromes such as celiac disease and cystic fibrosis; feeding problems and swallowing disorders; gastroesophageal reflux, diarrheal disorders, acute and chronic inflammatory bowel disease, acute and chronic hepatitis; inherited metabolic and immunological defects; liver failure requiring artificial liver support or liver transplant; and short bowel syndrome and intestinal failure, often needing parenteral (intravenous) or enteral (tube) feedings, and sometimes requiring small intestinal transplant.

The diagnosis on pediatric neurological behavioral disorders are all time high and the numbers are climbing. May people believe that there’s nothing that can be done for children with this diagnosis aside from medication, however that is not true. These pediatric neurological disorders are not the result of one single cause nor it is same with every child. It varies with child to child. The related disorders include autism, brain tumor, neuromuscular medicine, intellectual disability, Cerebral palsy, adolescent epilepsy, abnormal mental development etc. In South Africa, it is estimated that around 1.8 million children will have neurodisability.

Children with pediatric rheumatology complains about pain in the joints, muscle, tendon, bones, or exhibits other symptoms of arthritis and autoimmune disorder. Wide variety of pediatric rheumatic disorders are often difficult to diagnose. There is no known reason for most types of pediatric rheumatic disorders, nor is there proof to recommend that toxins, food or allergies make children build up any of the infections. Some examination indicates a hereditary inclination, which implies the combination of genes children gets from their parents may cause the beginning of a pediatric rheumatic disorders when activated by different factors.

Pediatric Nursing care is an emerging field in pediatric health care. At the point, when a kid requires health care, the parents may feel offhand for the street that lies ahead with regards to caring over their child. One prevalent decision in this case is pediatric nursing care since it includes having an exceptionally trained home care provider go to your home, enabling the child to be encompassed by the things they are most acquainted with rather than a healing center room.

This session will have a discussion on current advancement, technology, new inventions and research on various topics related to Pediatric. Some of the current advancement involved in pediatric health care are ECMO, telemedicine, Electronic medical records, smart pills, stem cells, respiratory supports, surgical advances, digital engagement (eg. Diseases monitored by apps) etc.

About Conference

Children’s cannot always answer medical questions and are not always able to be patient and cooperative. Pediatric Health Care is an essential influence in the health care services field, as well as growth and wellness of an infant or a child.

Pediatric Health Care from birth to adolescents age is necessary for the prevention, treatment and diagnosis of disorders that occurs specifically in neonates, children and adolescents. However, medical diagnosis, care and treatment methods for children and adolescents differs from each other.

This conference entitled “12th International Conference on Pediatrics Health Care” has the objective to fill the prevailing gaps between updated technology to detect pediatric diseases and pediatric health care plan to expeditiously serve answers for all in the need. This conference brings together doctors, pediatrician, parents, students, researcher and anyone who is concerned about the health of children world-wide.  

This conference on “12th International Conference on Pediatrics Health Care” to be held from August 16-17, 2018 will have an expected cooperation of pediatricians, speakers, participant from around the globe to talk about the objective of this conference. We are blessed to have pulled in some incredibly famous researchers to give the talks. Pediatric experts from around the globe will get an exposure to various technology improvement, scientific research program in pediatric health care and about its related diseases.

Why this conference?

The conference on Pediatric Health Care will give an imaginative and synergistic space for pediatrician, business people, analysts, clinicians, pediatric learners, students, chairmen, pioneers, patients and guardians from all over the world to meet up and examine development in Pediatric Health Care. The event with few introductions that will mostly concentrate on zones including Pediatric Health Carepediatric medicine, recent technology on Pediatric Health Care and advancement in pediatric social insurance. The conference group highlighted sessions will be intuitive and synergistic in essence. The general public has picked up a rich custom of comprehensiveness, grant, and kinship which is well displayed with its every years scientific conferences.

Why Paris?

There are unlimited shops, exhibition halls, verifiable locales; and so on Paris has it. Being a main metropolitan city on the planet, it is likewise various in culture and in nourishment.                    

Global Market Scenario

Market Analysis of Pediatrics Health Care

Children's are frequently inclined to sickness and they catch diseases recurrently. Therefore, pediatric medicine and other pediatric health care services sales are becoming significantly faster. Thus, the pediatric market as far as social awareness on pediatric health care is prospering by steady developments.

The growing demand of treatment options for chronic illness makes the pediatric health care market lucrative to invest, and this report helps to gain heads on the in-depth analysis of various developments, market trends, opportunities, sales forecast and competitive landscape in this pediatric health care market

According to Deloitte, global health care spend, projected to reach $8.7 trillion by 2020. The global pediatric medicine market to grow at a CAGR of 4.97% during the period 2017-2021.

According to Forbes, health care is a trillion dollar industry in the market. In 2014, the US spent around $2.9 trillion on health care services. In US, total health care disbursement were calculated to be $3.24 trillion in 2015, and were expected to reach $3.78 trillion in 2018. China’s health care industry will reach $1 trillion by 2020, which will constitute one of the largest market all over the globe.

The global market for Pediatric Health Care services was worth $56.9 billion in 2008 and had a forecast to increase up to $79.3 billion in 2013 at a CAGR of 6.8%. Then, in 2010 the global Pediatric Health Care market has grown at a CAGR of 7.2% from $65.8 billion to $81 billion by 2013 and $83.6 billion by 2014. The global pediatric market is expected to reach nearly $100.7 billion by 2019. Again the global pediatric ultrasound market is accounted for $275.30 million in 2016 and by 2023, it is expected to reach up to $420.71 million.


The overall pediatric vaccine market is set to end up noticeably worth more than $40 billion USD by the year 2022, with 500 million newborn children to be vaccinated by 2022.

North America represented the greatest offer took after by Europe in 2015. Likewise, the worldwide market for pediatric cardiology in 2015 is to a great extent commanded by the U.S. because of the expanding cases of heart infections among the kids.

Europe is ready to display most elevated development rate amid the conjecture time frame because of the high interests in pediatric products and services by European people. So, Europe is considered as the second largest market of pediatric health care products and services.

In Middle East & Africa, the market scenario for pediatric health care was US$ 48 billion in 2016 and by 2023 it is expected to reach US$64 billion at 4.1% CAGR.

Asia-Pacific, is considered as the future market for pediatric health care products and services because of rising awareness on pediatric health care and child health among the people. The pediatric market in Asia-pacific is gauge to become attributable to the quick innovative advances in solution going ahead in creating economies.


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